Steering Committee

Artibeus jamaiciencis
Artibeus jamaiciencis
Photo: Jordi Segers

NABCA is guided by a Steering Committee, chaired by one representative from each of Canada, the United States of America, and Mexico, with support from a coordinator. Mandate: The role of the NABCA Steering Committee is to provide a continental forum for sharing information and perspectives among and within each of the three participating countries to enhance the effectiveness of bat conservation activities. To achieve this, the Committee, with support from the Coordinator, will promote regular dialog and discussion about bats; develop initiatives to solicit, compile and share information relevant to bat conservation on topics such as threats, conservation actions and knowledge gaps; and encourage cooperative efforts to implement conservation actions, to address knowledge gaps, and to increase public awareness of the value of bats.


Charles M. Francis (Environment Canada)
Rodrigo A. Medellín (Instituto de Ecología, UNAM)
Jeremy Coleman  (United States Fish & Wildlife Service)

Working Group representatives:

Rita Dixon  (Western Bat Working Group)
Katrina Morris (Southeastern Bat Diversity Network)
Vanessa Rojas (Midwest Bat Working Group)
D. Scott Reynolds (Northeast Bat Working Group)
Jorge Ortega Reyes (Program for the Conservation of Mexican Bats)
Jordi Segers (Canada’s Interagency White-Nose Syndrome Committee)

At Large Members:

USA: Angie McIntire (Arizona Game and Fish Department)
CANADA: Yvonne Dzal (University of Winnipeg, Bat Conservation International)
MEXICO: Joaquin Arroyo-Cabrales (Laboratorio de Arqueozoología)
GENERAL: Brian Reichert (USGS Fort Collins Science Center)

Little Brown Bat hanging on tree trunk
Myotis lucifugus
Photo: Jordi Segers

Coordinators: Mylea Bayless & Amanda Adams (Bat Conservation International)

Assessment Project Leads:

Luis Alfredo Truillo Sosa (UNAM)
Winifred Frick (Bat Conservation International)

Webmaster: Amanda Adams (Bat Conservation International)

Prior Members:

Jeff Gruver (Southeastern Bat Diversity Network)
Dave Waldien (Coordinator)
Rob Mies (Coordinator)
Cori Lausen (At Large Member)